The documentary Hits of film festivals in (Un)childish stories


The program opens with the film "Muhi − generally temporary" (2017) directed by Rina Castelnuovo-Hollander and Tamir Elterman. This is a view at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the eyes of a small boy who finds himself trapped between the two warring parties. Muhi feels comfortable both with Jews and Muslims. His open-heartedness, kindness and the sense of humor will certainly win your hearts.


Once the Little Prince said that only our heart is sharp-sighted, and the most important things are invisible to our eyes. This is a lyric drama "A Sky Without Stars" (2018) by Katarzyna Dąbkowska-Kułacz. A touching story of the relations between a father who has nearly lost his sight and his seven-year-old son. Though the boy wears glasses himself he becomes a guide. The things that the son sees for the first time in his life are probable the last to see for his father…


A bright, fearless and tense survey of Islamic radicalism by a famous Syrian documentarian Talal Derki. "Of Fathers and Sons" (2017) has already conquered the American "Sundance", International Documentary Film festival Amsterdam, Krakow Film Festival and "ZagrebDox" in Croatia. Now it’s time to conquer Minsk. The director gives us a unique opportunity to understand what it feels like to grow up in Islamic Caliphate. The focus is set on Osama and his younger brother Ayman. Both brothers love and admire their father and obey his words, but while Osama seems to follow the path of Jihad, Ayman wants to go back to school. The film captures the moment when the boys have to part with their childhood and make a choice.