Sakamoto and Chopin – “Listapad” will show the Music DOC program

This time the documentaries program Music DOC, which has already become traditional for the “Listapad” Film Festival, will as well narrate about one of the most famous film composers Ryuichi Sakamoto and a Polish festival Chopin and his Europe. It will show how for the documentary makers, who have won over the festivals’ screens and the audience’s hearts, music becomes a reason to have a conversation about a person, difficult social phenomena, and even environmental issues sometimes.


The motion picture Ryuichi Sakamoto: Coda by Stephen Nomura Schible tells us about an Oscar, Grammy, and BAFTA-winner, who worked with Bernardo Bertolucci, Nagisa Oshima, Pedro Almodovar and other notable directors. In the 80s Ryuichi Sakamoto was as popular as a pop star and got the reputation of one of the most innovative intuitive composers of his generation. In 2014, an announcement on the cancellation of performances due to cancer appeared on the official web site of the musician. When he started his fight against the disease, Sakamoto stopped his work on projects, threw away a great amount of records and drafts and started to work on his last album. After killing the disease, Sakamoto became more worried about nuclear and environmental catastrophes, took part in acts of protest against the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, and gave a public concert on a piano, which miraculously survived a tsunami.

“The motion picture was being filmed for five years. Delicate and elegant as a Japanese prints, he engraved not just an intimate process of music creation, but the discovery of the world’s sound nature, which is rare for cinematography. The character tries to record sounds of the wind, water, melting ice. After watching it, a grey-white color of this film, wildlife’s voice, sound harmony, music, and the feeling that you’ve understood the genius. only if for a moment, still remain”, – says Irina Demyanova, Program Director.

The documentary Festival by Tomasz Wolski and Anna Gawlita premiered at the International Film Festival in Krakow, a recognized cultural capital of Poland. The motion picture is dedicated to one of the greatest music events in Warsaw, the Chopin and his Europe festival. Although, most of his life the musician lived outside his native land, he became the symbol of Poland. Annually dozens of musicians from all over the world gather for his music. Though each performance is ended with applause, after the concert the performers often feel something that is called demi-succès.


“Wolski and Gawlita’s camera is not interested in spectacular moments such as celebrities on the posters, fragments of performances, applauds. The directors review the festival micro world – they look behind the wings, record excerptions of conversations before going on stage, work of technical services, autographs and selfies with the artists, gorgeous costumes. It seems like the stage is somewhere far away, and the accompanying stir is highlighted. Actually, the authors do not record the result, they look narrowly at the process, the process of music birth”.

The Music DOC program will be screened in the Mir cinema, which will traditionally become the platform for documentaries on “Listapad”. The complete content of the section will be available after 17th October. The Minsk International Film Festival will take place from 2nd to 9th November.

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