"Passion for sports" – the best documentaries of how sport changes us, come see at film festival "Listapad"


What is football, if not human civilization’s code? "Infinite football" of Romanian director Corneliu Porumboiu – one of the main hits at this year’s Berlin Film Festival. The main character, Laurentiu, decides to change the rules of a game for safety and beauty of the favorite sport. We can see surrealistic at first sight movie turn into "huge harassment and revision of social norm era’s speech" (Vasily Stepanov, Séance). Anyway, ball is round, God sees everything, anything is possible.


"The blue scallywags" by Cezary Grzesiuk is 10 years of watching fans of the "Ruch Chorzow" football club. Thee sight is not from the side, not from the police cordon, but from the very middle of events, the ultras sector. Anything just to finally find an answer for the question, why people become football fans.


"Cuban women are meant to be beautiful, not get hit in the face", said Pedro Roque, former head trainee for the Cuban boxing selection. "Too beautiful: our right to fight" tells us a fascinating story of how Cuban box is having its own revolution. Boxing is banned for women in Cuba. Although her native nation boasts more gold medals for boxing than any other country, women aren’t allowed in the ring. Too weak. Too old. Too beautiful. Main character Namibia hears it too often. If you are searching for inspiration not to give up, this movie is for you.