Our cinema. Victor Asliuk and Olga Dashuk presented a new film about Kreva castle "Belarus Atlantis"

A film by directors Viktor Aslyuk and Olga Dashuk "Belarusian Atlantis" was shown on November, 3 in "Mir" cinema. This filmmakers tandem made a story about a Belarusian village, the first stone castle of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania — Kreva castle, which, like the ancient city of Atlantis, can hide in the waves of history, leaving only fantastic legends behind.

Photo by Jgor Chischenya

The first shots. Nonresident children are perplexed: — Mom, and this is all that remains of the castle? There are only fenced ruins surrounded by the grazing cows. In summer they are stormed by vacationists — they climb the walls only for colorful photographs. The castle is dilapidating not only under the weight of time, but also because of the flow of tourists. And once the first stone castle of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania will become a thin hedge.

A few years ago Olga Dashuk and Viktor Aslyuk came here with the film crew just to see how the restoration of the castle is carrying out. The planned trip led to the production of the film about a unique place, where every stone has its own legend. Sergey Bondarenko, a resident of Kreva village, tells about the goat stone, where, according to legend, you can find the imprint of a goat's hoof, which escaped from wolves by climbing a large boulder.

Even the stone has its own history, not to mention the whole castle. There are many amazing and sometimes terrifying rumors about the old building. Locals talk about the girl, who refused to marry the noble, who lived in the castle at that time. Stung by her refusal, he gave order to brick her up in these walls. They say that the ghost of the girl still appears here. Sergey realizes that one day Kreva Castle, just like Atlantis, will become only a legend.

He wants to preserve, if not the castle, then at least its image in a copy, which he builds on his land. The neighbors have already gossiped: — They say that you are building a church for people to pray. — I wrote, here, on the plate, — Sergey shows, — this is a copy of Kreva castle.

Photo by Jgor Chischenya

The "Belarusian Atlantis" shoud have become the Aslyuk’s last film about Belarusian villages.

— I set the task for myself — to leave this topic, — Victor shares with the audience after the film presentation. — You can not imagine how much time I spent in there villages.

The director admits that, nevertheless, he did not manage to say goodbye to this topic. While filming "Belarusian Atlantis", he got an opportunity to make another film about the Belarusian village. To the question why he chose a loud name for a film about the town of Kreva Viktor Aslyuk replied:

— First of all, Atlansis is the disappearance of a traditional Belarusian village. And I wonder that this is happening near the Kreva castle.

— And what about the story of your character?

— I was not difficult to find Sergey. He even has a Facebook page. But he is mainly a guide. If I filmed only about Sergey Bondarenko, it would have been a different story. I was interested in the way of living in such places as Kreva.

The directer believes that the value of traditions will only grow. He is sure, everuthing that can disappear will be saved in memory, art and cinema.

— This is our life — everything passes away. And not to lose it completely people should not only remember about it, but shoot and paint.

Text: Alexandra Tkacheva

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