Provocative vintage stylization – Angel from producer Pedro Almodóvar coming soon

Stylish, vibrant and spellbinding film about pitiless and imperturbable criminal will be shown within Listapad.Collections project. Luis Ortega’s film Angel is based on the story of the most famous Argentine serial killer Carlos Robledo Puch. You can come and see the crime movie from the 5th MIFF Listapad program from January 31 to February 13 in Falcon Club Cinema Boutique.

444.jpgA shot from the film Angel

Carlitos is a seventeen-year-old with an angel’s face and devil’s propensity. At school he meets Ramone,and together they create a splendid and merciless duet. On the way of intricate larceny and lies their joint crimes become the best self-expression.

The film is based on the life events of Argentine serial killer Robledo Puch, who was dubbed "The Angel of Death" because of his appearance. He was arrested in 1972 for 11 murders and more than 40 robberies. The criminal still serves the longest jail term in the history of Argentine.

"Carlitos acts as if he is living a life of a movie-star. He believes that he is always on set. He wants to attract God’s attention, to impress him. He feels that everything around him is a prop and even death is fake. He follows the path which, according to his vision, the real legend should follow", says Luis Ortega about the main character.

Angel is a director and script writer Luis Ortega’s new film. His debut film Black Box (2002) brought him worldwide recognition. The drama received numerous international awards and launched him as one of the most promising and innovative filmmakers in Argentina. Also in 2015 Luis Ortega wrote the script and directed a criminal miniseries Historia de un clan (The history of one clan). Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar was one of the Angel producers (All about my mother, Talk to Her, The skin I live in).

The criminal drama about Carlitos was put forward by Argentine to Oscar and was included into the long-list in Best Foreign Language Film nomination. Angel also took part in MIFF Listapad and IFF in Cannes and in the section of the Cannes Film Festival's official selection Un Certain Regard.

777.jpgA shot from the film Angel

The leading part was played by Lorenzo Ferro, for whom Angel has become the first role in cinema. Also Chino Darin (Historia de un clan), Daniel Fanego (Forever Julia) and maestro Almodóvar’s muse Cecilia Roth (All about my mother).

"The film offers no answers, but has a good time restating the question, and, of course, it looks great while doing so, as little troubled by the consequences of its actions as the angel-faced killer himself", the American weekly Variety wrote, and website noted, that "Angel revels in the beauty that concealed Carlitos’ ugliness. Ortega’s direction turns the monstrous Carlos into the hero of an unrequited love story".