About men and women: continuation of the popular retrospective to the 100th anniversary of Ingmar Bergman century

On January 19 and 20 the reluctant, self-centered and romantic bands of a Swedish director will again show in the small hall of the Pioneer. The elegant comedy of manners – A Lesson in Love and the retro-farce All These Women will tell about the Bergman’s view of the relationship between men and women.

ll-06.jpgA shot from the film A Lesson in Love

The first Comedy in Bergman's filmography will be shown on Saturday on January 19. Romantic film A Lesson in Love (1954), or "how to get back a beautiful wife after a love affair with a charming woman", Ingmar Bergman in his "workbooks" called Comedy in five acts. Critics call A Lesson in Love –a film-predecessor of a resonant comedy Smiles of the Summer Night. The main role in the film was played by Eva Dahlbeck, the winner of the "Silver prize" at the Cannes film festival in the category "Best actress" for the film Bergman's Brink of Life.

Tired of the cheating spouse, the heroine of Eva Dahlbeck, Marianne decides to have an affair with their mutual friend. David – a lady’s slayer – breaks up a young mistress and rushes in pursuit of his wife. Not just jealousy, but the thirst for love and the desire to return to the old relationship drives him.

atw-07.jpgA shot from the film All These Women

The most reckless comedy by Ingmar Bergman – All These Women (1964) will be shown on January 20 in the Pioner cinema. "This is Bergman's first sincere answer to his own questions over the years", wrote the Retro Set magazine about the film. In the story the music critic Cornelius – a narcissistic dandy – intends to write a book about the outstanding cellist. With this purpose he arrives at the villa, where the musician lives surrounded by women in love with him. Under the guise of biographer Cornelius looks for dirt on the Maestro. However, it is not so easy to achieve the desired result when women interfere in the case, and death follows…

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