Oscar competitor Capernaum is on Minsk screens on the February 14

The Lebanese drama nominated for Golden Palm at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival and for the 2019 Oscar award releases in Listapad.Collections. A tragic manifest from Nadine Labaki in which children don’t play but live will be shown from 14 to 27 of February in Falcon Club Boutique Cinema.


Twelve year old Zain can’t answer how many siblings he has, but he’s sure that there must be fewer children in his family. Despite his young age Zain works illegally, looks after his younger siblings and looking for money and documents that will help him to emigrate to Sweden. He looks at the world with clear hatred. He has things to hate. On Beirut streets children beg, eats sugared ice and chips, girls are sold to husbands as early as possible and Zain himself has to eat anything he finds and sleep wherever he can. On top of that he’s just received a five-year prison term. In prison he sues his parents for giving a birth to him.

Nadine Labaki is a Lebanese actress, scriptwriter and director famous for the comedic drama Where Do We Go Now? that was nominated for Oscar in 2011 from Lebanon and won the François Chalais Prize and Ecumenical Special Mentions at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. Her new film Capernaum has already received admiration of the European viewers and won two prizes in Cannes the previous year (the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury and the Jury Prize) and is competing for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at Oscar.

The making of Capernaum took five years. Three years were put into researching the topic and writing the script. Nadine Labaki says that she decided to make a film that can serve as a weapon in “a fight for making children life better” being shocked by conditions that poor families live in. Non-professional actors found through street-casting played in the film. All the participants whose life wasn’t differ from those shown in film were offered a chance to change their lives.

The leading role was played by Zain Al Rafeea, a Lebanese fourteen year old actor who is already being called phenomenal and his acting – genius. Before meeting Nadine Labaki he worked a part-time job as courier and at supermarket to make his family ends meet. For his role in Capernaum he was called the Best Actor at the Antalya Film Festival and was nominated for the Asia Pacific Screen Award. In November 2018 Zain and his family moved to Sweden where he went to school.

“If young Zain Al Rafeea would have shown even a glimpse of falsity, the film would have been ruined. If Nadine Labaki would have made Zain sympathetic through his suffering solely, it would have been the worst program film. But the protagonist of Capernaum already isn’t a boy so he behaves like an adult”, writes Kinopoisk. The New York Times writes, that the film is “a fairy tale and an opera, a potboiler and a news bulletin, a howl of protest and an anthem of resistance” at the same time. The Variety magazine suggests that viewers brace themselves because film will be “gritty”.