Close to madness: within framework of “Listapad. Collection” the film “Ambivalentnost” will be shown

“Ambivalentnost is the first sign of Schizophrenia.” Anton Biljo's new film with thriller elements, contrasts, confusion and a state close to splitting consciousness is being released. At the Russian Film Festival “Okno Filmfest”, “Ambivalentnost” won two awards and was named one of the most fascinating movies in the main feature film competition. In Minsk, it will be shown from March 28 to April 3 in Raketa cinema and till April 10, Falcon Club Cinema Boutique.


Two friends, two young psychiatrists, have very different perceptions of life. One wants to do the right thing. The second is to set up experiments. One is a diligent student. The second is a troublemaker. But will their friendship stand the test of passion for one woman? This is an intriguing story about an unusual love triangle and that madness is closer than it seems.

“Ambivalentnost” is the second full-length film of director Anton Biljo, author of the “Dream Fish” (Ryba-mechta) fairy-tale film about real love. In his new film, he focuses on the contrast of slow and energetically filled episodes, sharp dialogues and details-tips. The director controls the dynamics of the narrative, constantly increases the degree of tension and masterfully immerses the viewer in an atmosphere of addictive madness.

At the Okno Filmfest 2018 in Vyborg, Anton Biljo was awarded the competition diploma and the Savva Kulish prize for creative search for “Ambivalentnost”. This is a special award named after one of the organizers of the first festival in 1993.

The film stars Danil Steklov, who is familiar to the audience from the dramas “Jumpman” (Podbrosy) (2018) and “Nearest” (Blizkie) (2017), and Egor Morozov, the star of the film “The Age of Pioneers” (Vremya Pervych). Pyotr (Danil Steklov) is an impudent rebel who plays drums in a grindcore band, is talented but unrestrained, and tends to experiment rather than follow established rules. Stas (Egor Morozov) is a home boy and a diligent student who sincerely admires a bright and charismatic friend.

“Elegant curtsies to Trier's “Nymphomaniac” and “The Dreamers”, Cinemaholics writes about the film. Portal Afisha.TUT.BY also advises the film to Minsk residents: “Ambivalentnost” is another (cool) film about youth. “Ambivalentnost” is about the fact that everything has a second side, especially in adolescent Schizophrenia. What young Russian actors, who have never been filmed anywhere, or were filmed, for example, in “Jumpman” and “Policeman from Rublevka" do here, can be called a two-hour textural delight.”