I'll be back: What will be shown on the last Weekends With Bergman?

Retrospective show “Weekends with Bergman” began in September last year and is still being sold out. Our audience included experienced film fans and those who had just discovered Ingmar Bergman. We have seen Bergman as a hypocrite, a romantic, Bergman, who knows the price of life and death, and Bergman, who still believes in human. After two restarts, we will announce the last shows on March 30 and 31. Historical tragicomedy “The Magician” and the key to Bergman's success – “Smiles of a Summer Night”: watch and discuss with film critic Igor Sukmanov.

All seven months we raffled Bergman's books about Bergman: the autobiography “Laterna Magica” and the collection of director's notes “Workbooks. 1955-1974”. On March 30, we will traditionally raffle “Workbooks”, and on March 31, we will give you the opportunity to win two books at once.


The tragicomedy The Magician (1958) will open the last weekend in March. The hypnotic film “largely appeared because of Bergman's promise to keep the company of the Malmo Theatre, which he then directed. He had to puzzle for a long time how to choose a role for each artist and what to do with all these people,” the Kinopoisk portal writes. “The Magician” is a movie about artists and society, creators and charlatans, which in 1959 received the Special Jury Prize of the Venice Film Festival.

Pursued by creditors, the extravagant troupe of the Vogler’s Magnetic Health Theater stops for the night at the house of Consul Egerman. Its famous inhabitants are not averse to having fun, and at the same time to expose the art of  “buffoons”. Albert Vogler silently bears the taunts and bullying. But once the show begins, a rematch is inevitable…

On Sunday, March 31, we will watch Ingmar Bergman's most famous love comedy – Smiles Of a Summer Night (1955). In 1956, this film won the first award in the director's filmography at the Cannes Film Festival. “Smiles of a Summer Night” won in the category “Best Lyrical Comedy”.

Улыбки летней ночи

Sweden at the dawn of the XX century. An aging lawyer, Fredrik Egerman, is torn between family virtue and male desire. He idolizes his young wife Anna, but secretly seeks meetings with his former lover – actress Desiree Armfelt. His son from his first marriage, Henrik, a theology student, is tormented by other “demons” of despair: he is studying to become a theologian in order to hide his interest in an unsophisticated stepmother. Another of Fredrik's rivals, Desiree's warlike lover, count Malcolm, seems to be the only one who doesn't feel remorse for making his beautiful wife Charlotte suffer. However, his position as the winner is vulnerable. While men compete with each other in selfishness, prudery and rudeness, women decide to correct the situation and restore the disturbed balance of happiness.

Film critic Pauline Kael noted that “Ingmar Bergman has created something close to perfection – a brilliant sensual comedy.”

“Weekends with Bergman” project is supported by the Swedish Embassy in the Republic of Belarus and the Swedish Institute.

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