Marriage is the end of love: we can watch the best films about marriage on the screen of Pioner cinema

How to put together a broken family life? Stories of marriage and its difficult consequences in Ingmar Bergman's most heartfelt films – the movie novel “Scenes from a Marriage” and the musical melodrama “To Joy” – on March 16 and 17 at the Pioner cinema. Before the sessions, Igor Sukmanov, program director of MIFF Listapad, will present the Swedish director's films.

This weekend, the project “Weekends with Bergman” will continue to raffle a collection of scenario notes and diary entries by Ingmar Bergman “Workbooks. 1955-1974”.

On Saturday, March 16, one of the main movies of “The great Swede” will be shown: a strong, touching and very realistic film Scenes from a Marriage (1973). In 1975, the film was awarded the Golden Globe Award as “Best Foreign Film”. Among the works of Bergman “Scenes from a Marriage” is in many ways holds a unique place. In addition, this is his only film remade for the theatre: in 1981, Bergman personally staged a play entitled “Szenen einer Ehe” at the Marschtall Theater in Munich, and other directors staged this play in numerous theaters around the world. The uncomplicated cinematic citilistics of the film helped to transform it into a play: even at the stage of conception, Bergman imagined “Scenes from a Marriage” as a series of dialogues, “nothing out of the ordinary.”

The main characters Johan and Marianne are an exemplary couple. For many years they have been married, which nothing can overshadow – no small quarrels, no monotony of everyday life. But one day Johan announces to Marianne that he is leaving her for a new love interest. Marianne is shocked by her husband's confession. She is still trying to find a compromise, and yet nothing can prevent the catastrophe – neither later remorse, nor the desire for reconciliation. Divorce is inevitable, just as a new story of torn hearts coming together is inevitable.

Sunday evening on March 17 will open for the audience one of Ingmar Bergman's early films, the musical melodrama To Joy (1950). The film is based on the life of the director himself, the painful story of the collapse of his marriage with Ellen Lundstrom. “To Joy” shows the real disaster of family life, and at the same time speaks of loyalty and – art. Music plays a special role in the film. Mozart, Mendelssohn and Beethoven sound really heartfelt in the frame: the characters are silent, but the music speaks for them. In the main roles – Stig Olin and Maj-Britt Nilsson, familiar to the viewer from another Bergman film – “Summer Interlude”.

The story centers on Stig and Marta, young musicians invited to work in a Symphony orchestra. Marta, who is set up romantically, is looking for rapprochement with an ambitious colleague. They soon get married and become parents of two babies. The idyll collapses when Stig tries to build a solo career – along the way, he will collapse. He can't bear to know that he's mediocre. Stig blames his wife, whom he still loves very much.

“Weekends with Bergman” project is supported by the Swedish Embassy in the Republic of Belarus and the Swedish Institute.

Screenings of films are held within the framework of “Listapad. Collection.”