American Umka on the big screen: the most anticipated cartoon of spring holidays - in cinema from March 14

On the eve of spring holidays, a blockbuster for children and adults from the creators of Toy Story and Ultimate Spider-Man will be shown on large screens. Norm of the North: Keys to the Kingdom is a sequel to the exciting new adventures of the polar bear and his friends lemmings. The cartoon will be shown in eleven Minsk cinemas and four regional cinemas from March 14 to April 3. Before watching, small viewers will enjoy coloring with the already beloved protagonists.

Норм и Несокрушимые: Ключи от королевства

A charming bear named Norm is elected king of the Arctic. He is invited to New York, where they present an honorary award - the Golden Key to the Kingdom. While the hero is bathing in the rays of glory, a daring robber disguised as Norm steals a valuable trophy and organizes a series of bank robberies. To restore his good name, Norm goes in pursuit of bandits, but at this time the criminal corporation hatches a plan to turn Arctic ice into bottled water of a popular brand...

The main character is a polar bear named Norm, and being essentially a dangerous beast, he is very different from other relatives. Brothers laugh at him for friendship with small animals, but he does not pay attention to it: he continues to dance and sing funny songs.

Norm of the North: Keys to the Kingdom is the continuation of the American-Indian full-length adventure cartoon Norm of the North, which became the highest grossing premiere of the spring holidays in 2016.

The premiere of the sequel about the bear Norm took place in the United States on January 11, 2019. The director of the cartoon was Tim Maltby, known for his work on the animated films Toy Story, Ultimate Spider-Man, Alpha And Omega.

The cartoon Norm of the North: Keys to the Kingdom can be seen in Minsk at these cinemas:

14.03 – 27.03


14.03 – 27.03

Art Cinema

23.03 – 25.03


25.03 – 27.03


25.03 – 27.03


14.03 – 20.03;

25.03 – 31.03


25.03 – 31.03




28.03 – 29.03


28.03 – 29.03


28.03 – 29.03


А также с 14 по 20 марта в Полоцке («Родина»), с 14 по 26 марта в Барановичах («Звезда»), с 21 по 27 марта в Городке («Родина») и с 21 марта по 3 апреля в Гомеле («Им. Калинина»).