Forbidden ride for romantics and dreamers - Swoon is on the Big Screen from March 28

Get ready for a miracle: Swoon, a new film from the screenwriters of the TV-series The Bridge, will draw you into a magical vortex of love and treachery. Moulin Rouge, color extravaganza and visual enjoyment are the scenography of the film with ABBA and jazz being its soundtrack. Swedish film for true romantics and dreamers will be screened from March 28 to April 3 in the Pioner cinema and to April 10 in the Falcon Club Cinema Boutique.

Парк развлечений

Stockholm, 1940. Two amusement parks vie for every client. One amusement park (Tivoli Park) is a place for the bourgeoisie entertainment, while the other one is for common people, with merry-go-rounds and fairs.  They use every possible means - tricks, magic, stunts, as well as theft, espionage and treachery. They are ready to surprise whatever it takes.  Being forbidden to be attracted to each other, a young man and a girl from the warring clans fell in love. Does this story have a chance for a happy ending.

The romance Swoon world-premiered as the closing film of the Göteborg Film Festival. The film was directed by Björn Stein and Måns Mårlind, long-standing colleagues who previously worked together on the TV-series The Bridge (2011), Midnight Sun (2016) and the film Shelter (2010).

The film is inspired by the true story of two rival families running Stockholm amusement parks Gröna Lund and Nöjesfältet, determined to destroy each other when their young heirs Ninni Nilsson and John Lindgren unexpectedly fall in love. In the shadow of WW2, the family conflict escalates in a magical and swirling tale of treachery and forbidden love.

"When we first heard about this true story, we immediately thought: “Whoa this is a film!  It was one of the best ideas we’d heard in a while. So we met the grand children of the two respective families, sat on long lunches with them and got anecdotes and stories from that time" Björn Stein said.

The young lovers are played by Albin Grenholm (Real Humans and Midnight Sun) and Swedish top model and upcoming actress Frida Gustavsson. Edvin Endre (Vikings, The Pagan King) and Pernilla August (Fanny and Alexander, Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones) also starred in the film. Pernilla August won the Best Actress Award at the 1992 Cannes Film Festival for her role in the film The Best Intentions (1991) directed by Ingmar Bergman.

"A Swedish movie about two Stockholm amusement parks that are not just competing, but determined to destroy one another. But still there is a place for unexpected love.  The modern Romeo and Juliet story was directed by the authors of the cult Scandinavian TV-series The Bridge, the Internet portal Afisha.TUT.BY.  

The film is released within the Listapad. Collection project.