Winter Light and Passion - we watch and discuss the classics of Swedish cinema art

This weekend, March 23 and 24, the project Weekends with Bergman advises not to miss the films of the “mature” Ingmar Bergman - Winter Light and Passion. We will watch and discuss the movies of the outstanding director together with Igor Sukmanov, program director of the Listapad MIFF.

Weekends with Bergman never cease to please: up to and including March 22, in the social network VKontakte in the ART Corporation public page a collection of scenario notes and diary letters of Ingmar Bergman's Workbooks.1955-19 will be awarded.

This weekend we watch films of “The same Bergman”: in the movies of the late period of creativity, Bergman more and more considers not only the relationship of men and women, but also metaphysical issues. The director is increasingly "talking" in parables. For good reason, Winter Light (1962) is Andrei Tarkovsky's favorite film. This is the movie we will discuss on March 23.


On a clammy Sunday, a village priest from a small parish speaks with a morning sermon to rare parishioners. He is sick, tormented by doubts and inner anxiety. With the loss of his beloved wife, the pastor's life has lost its former meaning. It seems to him that he has lost connection with God and this depresses him. Immersed in his own experiences, he is not able to help his neighbors in need of his support. He suffers from lack of love, not noticing a woman nearby who loves him passionately.

The journalist of the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet writes that “Ingmar Bergman is really testing his audience. <...> I personally, as always, turned out to be a helpless victim of Bergman's hypnosis, of the energy that, of course, is not contained in those events and techniques that we see “on the surface”, the seriousness and urgency with which he describes his struggle, similar to Jacob’s struggle with the angel, and requires our participation in events.”

On Sunday, March 24, one of the most sacred films of the master on the relationship of men and women Passion (1969) will be shown. A feature of the film is the use of small "interviews" of actors in which they talk about their vision of the roles played and the attitude towards their heroes. Passion for Bergman is a film experiment in the field of color.


After parting with his wife, Andreas Winkelman leaves for the island. He leads an isolated life, until chance brings him to his neighbors: the architect Alice, his wife Eva and their friend Anna. Trusting relations develop between them, which soon cease to be just friendly. Eva becomes Andreas's mistress, and Anna becomes his new friend. The deeper the connection of Andreas with women, the more difficult it is for him to control his feelings and actions.

The editor-in-chief of Real Cinema magazine noted that “Bergman, who had previously sometimes neglected the “generally accepted rules”, in his thirty-first movie spits on the “rules of dramaturgy ” at all, allowing the plot to develop not “as it should ”, but as as he wants."

The project Weekends with Bergman is implemented with the support of the Embassy of Sweden in the Republic of Belarus and the Swedish Institute. Showings of films are held as part of Listapad. Collections.