We say goodbye to a great movie master - Agnés Varda. At the last Listapad we managed to show her main program works including the movie One sings, the other doesn’t. The leading actress, the famous French actress Valérie Mairesse, came to present the movie. Program director of the Listapad film festival Igor Sukmanov will tell us about what Agnés Varda left us.

Photo © REUTERS/Regis Duvignau

“Although the legendary title of “grandmother of the new wave” was entrenched to her even when Varda was far from being a grandmother, this definition should not be applied to her. Because it’s very difficult to find a lighter and more airy filmmaker. Agnés has always been in the shadow of the success of her husband Jacques Demy (Les Parapluies de Cherbourg, 1964) and the most French new wave: François Truffaut, Jean-Luc Godard, Jacques Rivette. But just because her films did not follow the beaten path, she absolutely did not aspire to be fashionable, popular in films, to work for some beautiful ideas.

 Agnés Varda had been shooting the movies as one endless essay. In fact, she explored her own soul, her attitude to the world and to life. Even her latest work Varda par Agnès, which premiered at the Berlin Film Festival, which we hope to see in Minsk, once again confirms: 90 years is hardly old, but her talent and ability to make films is an innate feeling. Varda appreciated and wisely perceived life. Therefore, all of her movies: fiction, documentary, experimental - they are all imbued with this amazing ability to see the example of high poetry in the ordinary. 

This is absolutely fantastic ability to speak easily and casually about complicated things. She retained this ability until the very end. Her death is an irreparable loss for us: for everyone who appreciates and loves cinema. Because we will still learn to see the world like Agnes Varda saw it. The most important lesson she taught us is that it is exactly how you should relate to life, with ease. And so with the ease with which she parted with the earth’s shell - it’s even visible in the film, in the very finale - one of the highest achievements of cinema and mind”.