The industrial platformа Bel: Cinema-2018 Paved The Way to the international arena for three films. "I'm Cuba. Revolution on the contrary" by Alexander Mikhalkovich will be sent to the Venice international festival, Konstantin Murashko will present his film "Graduation" in Warsaw on behalf of the independent section Giornate degli Autori, , and "Anthem of life" by Veronika Bondarovich has already participated at the Vilnius film forum «Kino pavasaris»"Listapad" is sharing their experiences with you.

Veronika Bondarovich devoted a year and a half to the creation of a documentary project "Anthem of life" about Paralympic champion Lyudmila Volchek. Within the framework of the Belarusian industrial platform projects pitching the film about a strong woman, her daily trials, fortitude and sources of inspiration won at the Vilnius international film festival "Kino pavasaris".

“It was a great opportunity for me. “Anthem of life” is my first full-length work, so I try to participate in such projects. Industrial platform Bel: Cinema "Listapad-2018" opened the way for me to "Meeting Point Vilnius" and gave me the opportunity to participate in "Talents Nest" Veronika says.

“The Talents Nest program was not based on the presentation of a film project, but on the aspects of filmmaking. The organizers have focused on the Director, not on his or her film. Therefore, everything was aimed at ensuring that the participants did not worry about the project presentation, but all the participants had sincere conversations about professional skills and aspects of filmmaking. Each meeting was aimed at ensuring that we could become part of the international film community and present our films on world stages. "Talents Nest" involved not only Directors, but also producers, writers and even film critics. All these things in total helped to find potential partners for the following projects creation. Listening to the stories of guys from different countries, I was convinced of the correctness of my way once again.” Veronika Bondarovich continues to share experiences.

“Within the framework of the platform, I also managed to participate in the "Producers meet Producers" initiative, where I presented my film in the speed dating format: in a couple of minutes I had to tell about my project to professionals from different countries separately (Lithuania, Latvia, America, Italy, Ukraine, Belarus, Slovakia, etc.). This approach allows you not to worry and not to think that you are listening to a famous producer, and you are just a young Director with your movie."

This year within the framework of "Kino pavasaris" the winner of the pitching became the film “The Thrillseekers” by the Belarusian Director Vlada Senkova. It received the Baltic View cash award and opportunities for further development on international venues:

"After the participation, we were invited to other events. We met important people from our professional sphere, so we consider our trip very successful" says Vlada Senkova. “I do not want to reveal what will happen next, but I hope that what now exists within the framework of conversations and meetings will grow into a real deal."

Vilnius international film festival "Kino Pavasaris" and Belarusian "Listapad" have a long friendship. For several years, the industrial platforms Bel: Cinema and "Meeting Point Vilnius" interact and help young Directors to move into the world of big cinema. 

"We are very pleased that the fruitful cooperation with Meeting Point Vilnius continues this year" confirms Lizaveta Bobrikova, coordinator of the Bel:Cinema Industrial platform. “Thanks to the new "Talent Nest" initiative not only the winner of our pitching, but a whole creative team of Belarusians: Directors, film researcher and journalist were able to visit Vilnius film industry. I believe that such exchanges will not only become a step towards mutually beneficial cooperation, but also will show other young and talented professionals what development options are available for their project and profession as a whole. I would like to encourage everyone to actively share the experience of visiting such sites and enrich the media environment of the domestic film industry with pleasant information guides».

Written by Vera Kachanova