Unpredictable The Last Prosecco: even you will be under suspicion

The screenings of Antonio Padovan’s The Last Prosecco, the five-time nominee for Italian Golden Globes, will take place at Falcon Club Boutique Cinema from June 13 till June 26. The new impressive Giuseppe Battiston (“Perfect Strangers”) and the overwhelmingly beautiful Venezia region in the filming of the novel by Fulvio Ervas.

Венецианский детектив

In the town in Northern Italy not far from Venezia mysterious murders occur. Inspector Stucky, appointed not a long time ago, an incongruous but talented detective, takes the case. However, the more he delves into his investigation, the better he understands the mystery that local people conceal.

In order to create his debut film, the name of which is “Finché c'è prosecco c'è speranza” in the original (eng. “as long as prosecco is here, there is hope”), the director Antonio Padovan got back to his native places from New York. Padovan grew up in Conegliano comune located in Venezia province of Treviso. It is the heart of prosecco wine production which was glorified by Fellini as dolce vita symbol. 

Padovan’s film took part in 54 film festivals, won Platinum Award Feature Film at International Film Festival Worldfest in Houston. It won the Audience Award at Toulouse film festival and was nominated for Italian film award Nastro d'Argento (lit. "Silver Ribbon") as the best male role and Italian Golden Globes (five nominations).

The film is based on the novel by famous Italian writer Fulvio Ervas. He is also the film’s screenwriter.

Small villages of Venezia and the local cranks, a mysterious abbey, authentic wine-makers, prosecco brotherhood… Prosecco now gets popular at the speed of Chinese economy, so I thought - why not tell the story of this fantastical country made of bubbles? The world of wine, so symbolic and attractive, unravels in the detective story in its full beauty, light as a refreshing sparkling wine,” Fulvio Ervas says about the film. 

The role of Stucky plays Giuseppe Battiston, multiple Italian Oscars nominee, also the nominee for David di Donatello award (won two nominations) and Silver Ribbon three-time winner. Rade Šerbedžija plays the role of Desiderio Ancillotto. He is famous for starring in Eyes Wide Closed by Stanley Kubrick, “Snatch” by Guy Ritchie and Batman Begins by Christopher Nolan.

The resurrection of Italian genre giallo, close to the thriller that cloaks the viewer like fog from Venezia hills, gradually making the atmosphere intense,” sentieriselvaggi.it writes. “A brilliant film with exceptional actors, beautiful in every way, from direction to the plot,” mymovies.it points out.