The film "II" by Vlada Senkova: the most touching premiere was held at "Listapad"

On November 4, the long-awaited Belarusian premiere of the film “II” took place at the Pioneer Cinema, which at the Warsaw Film Festival was awarded a special mention by the jury of the Free Spirit contest. In the framework of "Listapad" the line is presented in the program "Special Shows". The film crew “II” presented the picture, and after the show they answered questions from the press and the audience. 

Фото: Паша Кричко

The movie “II” was created by the Center for Visual and Performing Arts “ART Corporation” in collaboration with UNESCO IITE. The film tells about three 16-year-old students who faced prejudices and fears of peers and adults.

The presentation of the film was moderated by the producer of the film Nikolai Lavrenyuk. After the participants and filmmakers present at the premiere, were on the stage, Tigran Yepoyan, UNESCO Regional Advisor on Education and Health, admitted: “Thanks to the courage, determination and talent of the director, the screenwriter, thanks to the enthusiasm and openness of "ART Corporation", thanks to your support and the great artists,  the movie was created. When we looked at its first version, we were just happy that so honestly, truthfully, frankly, uncensored it was shown what our children live with, we, their parents and teachers”.  

After working on the film, Angelica Krashevskaya, director of the Center for Visual and Performing Arts “ART Corporation”, said: "Nothing happens in life by chance. All the challenges that come to us are also not an accident, because like attracts like. Probably, it was necessary that this offer of cooperation came to us. All the stars came together here, because we are very similar in temperament to this creative group. I hope that there will be more such cases".
 Фото: Паша Кричко

The next hour, viewers watched the movie "II", which had been shot for 6 days. Initially, a short film was planned, but, according to the director, everything grew a full meter, because at some point the creators decided not to restrain themselves. The fact that the film should increase in time, became clear after 4 days of filming. At the end of the show, Vlada Senkova thanked ART Corporation for the step forward and the extension of filming. 

During the discussion, the film was commented by international experts: Joanna Kazana-Vishnevetsky, the UN permanent coordinator in the Republic of Belarus, Natalia Schasnovich, the executive secretary of the Belarusian National Commission for UNESCO, Elena Kiryushina, the regional coordinator of UNAIDS youth programs, Olga Atroshchenko, the deputy representative of the UN Population Fund in Belarus and Gabriella Akimova, UNICEF Deputy Representative in Belarus. They thanked the team and highlighted the relevance of the problems shown in the film to teenagers and their topics of concern. 

Фото: Анна Шарко

After watching, Q&A took place, where the film crew answered questions from directors, film critics and viewers who also shared their emotions. The first viewers in their social networks noted that “where the film “Above the Sky” stopped at the time, “II” went much further. This is probably the most relevant domestic film for our society now” (Pavel Kanash, PR-manager); “I saw a very honest movie about real life, about ourselves, about our medieval fears and impassable inner darkness” (Anastasia Pankratova, journalist), “This is probably the best feature film I have seen recently” (Andrey Kutilo, producer). 

The movie "II" will be released on December 12. Look for publications, dedicated to the film by the hashtag #ТолькоПапеНеГовори, as well as on the official pages of II (on the site of ART Corporation, as well as on social networks @ iifilm2019).

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