Plans for the day: 7 November

The finish line: the second-last day will present to the audience “Belarussian panorama” which is a film of one of the modern award-winning directors as well as many pleasant surprises in Industry platform program. “Listapad” digest collected all of the events together so that you wouldn’t miss anything.

Белым по беломуA shot from the film WHITE ON WHITE

The "Centralny" cinema

The day will begin with a repeated show of an asian neonoir THE WILD GOOSE LAKE. The film by a chinese director Diao Yinan will start at 12:00. Then the audience will see JUST 6,5. It is a debut work of Said Rustai which tells about the obsession of catching a criminal and disappointment after it finally happens. The film is shown at 14:00.

“Youth on the March” competition will be continued by the movie WHITE ON WHITE by Teo Kurt. The film about a destiny of a wedding photographer and limits of art which shouldn’t be violated impressed the jury of Venice IFF and got a prize for the best direction and a FIPRESCI prize. “Listapad” audience will see the film at 16:30.

At 18:50 a film THE CRIMINAL MAN by Dmitri Mamoulia will be shown in terms of the Main competition. The main character becomes a murder witness. What he saw shocks him and he tries to understand what happened which leads him to committing unexpected actions at the same time. Will he become a murderer himself or will the destiny make him a hero? See it at 18:50.

still 2-1.jpgA shot from the film CORPUS CHRISTI

The main feature film competition continues at 21:45 with a work of a polish director Jan Komasa CORPUS CHRISTI. The story of Daniel who wants to become a priest but can’t do it because he was in jail has already won prizes on international film festivals in Poland and Italy. Now it is going to conquer “Listapad”.

At 23:55 Night Passions are waiting for you with an out-of-competition film DEVIL BETWEEN THE LEGS by Arturo Ripstein. It discusses the events happening to a couple which became a single whole.

Falcon Club Boutique Cinema

On Thursday repeated screenings of out-of-competition feature films Artstream are shown in the cinema hall. BABYTEETH film by Shannon Murphy starts at 19:00, and PATRICK by Tim Mielants starts at 21:15.

 На водеA shot from the film ON THE WATER

Silver Screen Galileo Cinema (hall №2 and hall 6) 

It is possible to see a repeated screening of a documentary film WOMEN OF THE GULAG by Marianna Yarovskaya at 16:30 in hall №6. A film from the Women’s tales section tells about dreads and days of imprisonment from the side of women who survived 1930s repressions.

THE MEN’S ROOM by Petter Sommer and Yu Wenmunn Swennsen has already won over the hearts of norwegian and danish film festivals juries and now it is participating in MusicDoc section. The film shows an important part of lives of twenty five men who dream of singing at an opening act of their favourite band. And their dream finally becomes true. But one of them has too little time to prepare. The film about bravery and friendship starts at 17:00 in hall №2.

Within the main competition of documentary films ON THE WATER by Goran Devic is shown in hall № 6. It is possible to watch poetic and political studies of people’s and space stability and fluidity in the context of Yugoslav wars at 18:00.

Ondes-sonores-2-1-1.jpgA shot from the film GIACINTO SCELSI. THE FIRST MOTION OF THE IMMOVABLE

Next on the screen of hall №2 IN A FUTURE APRIL by Federico Savonitto and Francesco Costabile is shown. Pietro Pasoloni’s way and a search for inspiration in an unknown and cruel world is waiting for the audience at 18:40.

At 20:30 in hall №6 LITTLE MAN, TIME AND THE TROUBADOUR by Ineke Smits is shown which takes part in the main documentary film competition. A road movie about an Abkhaz artist who travels small and unknown motherhood answers the question what is “home” in the world which is on fire. Right after the show a film character will show viewers a little puppet show.

Sebastiano d’Aiala Valva’s attempt to understand a mysterious world of a hermit composer has found its embodiment in a work GIACINTO SCELSI. THE FIRST MOTION OF THE IMMOVABLE. It is shown at 21:00 in hall №6.

 Кино Олега ЧерногоA shot from the OLEG TCHERNY’S film

The “Pioner” cinema (big and small hall)

The first feature film by Denis Cote WILCOX tells about an extraordinary person who is looking for his own point of freedom. Find more about the story of an adventurer and happiness outside society at 12:00.

Then a repeated screening of viewer’s favourite “Listapadzik” films is on schedule: a film ROCCA CHANGES THE WORLD by Kati Bernart at 12:30 and A COLONY by Genevieve Dulude de Celle at 14:30. And at 13:30 viewers can visit THE DAY AFTER I’M GONE by Nimrod Eldar which tells a story of a journey to yourself and the necessity to support your close people even when it seems impossible.

At 16:00 we meet OLEG TCHERNY’S FILMS who is a Belarussian born director, graduate student of Dusseldorf academy of arts and Le Fresnoy studio of contemporary art. The audience will see several of his short films: THE PROJECTION HAS ALREADY BEGUN, EPHEBOS AND COURTESANS, THE GENERAL LINE, NOON AT FALCONETTI’S GRAVE, AS FOR ROMAN SOLDIERS, SCHERZO, PIPES, THE WORST MOVIE, A LIST WITHOUT TREES FOR BERTOLT BRECHT, PROMETHEUS AND EPIMETHEUS.

 Раскрашенная птицаA shot from the film THE PAINTED BIRD

Criminal comedy-drama A HAIRY TALE by Homayoun Ghanizadeh surprises viewers again at 16:30. Then a modern bildungsroman GENESIS by Philippe Lesage is shown out of the competition. The film devoted to solitude and love as a teenager is shown at 18:30.

At 19:00 a repeated screening of a russian film LET’S GET DIVORCED by Anna Parmas is shown, and at 21:45 viewers are able to put together pieces of reality with a film ABOUT ENDLESSNESS by Roy Andersson.

The day at the cinema will be over at 21:30 with a movie THE PAINTED BIRD by Vaclav Marhoul which is a film interpretation of a book by Jerzy Kosinski participating in the main feature film competition. Viewers plunge into a story of irreversible changes of a boy who fights for survival in an indifferent and cruel world of war.

Сашин адA shot from the film SASHA'S HELL

The "Belarus" cinema

At 13:00 viewers can see Belarussian panorama: PITFALL by Daria Yurkevich, THE FISH OF ENCLOSED DREAMS by Andrei Krivetsky and Dmitri Rachkovsky, NOTHING by Yulia Dublevskaya, ON THE THRESHOLD OF SILENCE by Kirill Erokhin.

Within the National competition it is possible to see QUICKSILVER CHRONICLES by Ben Gez and Sasha Kulak at 15:30. The documentary shows three idealistic characters living in an abandoned mining city with beliefs in an alternative “American dream”.

Another National competition participant will be shown at 18:00. SASHA'S HELL by Nikita Lavretsky is a film which tells about a meeting of a rapper who is about to get famous and his virtual friend who is a co-author.

WHITE MAMA_SBtitles.01_28_54_21.jpgA shot from the film WHITE MAMA

The Museum of the Belarusian Cinema History

Alina’s ex-husband is Ethiopian, and her current one is a white man. She has black children from her previous marriage, but she can’t get a child in her new family. Then Alina decides to adopt a boy and makes her family believe that a new brother will be a happiness for everyone. Watch a winner of Russian and international human rights documentary film festival Docudays UA in Ukraine WHITE MAMA by Eugenia Ostanina and Zosia Rodkevich at 18:30.

Then at 20:30 it is possible to rewatch a new film PATROL by a Belarussian cinema documentarian Victor Asluk. The film tells about the life and work of a simple village policeman.

Industrial platform Bel:Cinema

On Thursday new events of the Industrial platform are waiting for you and the first if them is a Day of virtual reality in Avalon VR (Galleria shopping center, 5 floor). VR-films from seven countries of the world, sessions with speakers and workshops won’t leave you any time to be bored.

On Belarusfilm platform an open discussion “Belarusfilm: in need of a blockbuster. To the issues of the national film” is placed at 12:30. Anton Sidorenko, editor-in-chief of National filmmaking studio belarusfilm as a speaker.

Then a presentation of the Vilnius international film festival KINO PAVASARIS is on schedule at 13:30 and a presentation of film projects at 14:00

At 16:30 Maria Ivanova, producer, director, journalist, Grant Buro project and Buta Films founder is waiting for you at a master-class “How to get an international film grant. Practice without theory”. She helps to decide what to do to raise your chances of getting an international grant as well as raises a question of independent and debut films finances.

The work of the platform ends with a master-class from B2B DOC which starts at 18:00. “Documentary film distribution: cinema, television, film festivals” meeting is organized for a big number of cinema documentarians. A professional of media sphere Sergei Trofimov from Estonia and Ukrainian documentarian Ilia Gladshtein introduce the participants to the work of documentary film distribution in Europe and post-soviet countries. They also answer the questions of screening organization, conditions of a work with a producer and other aspects of documentary movies distribution. Meeting manager is Alex Shiryaev who is a producer at Dixit International AB and head of B2B Doc cinema documentarians union project.

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