MAGIC OF IMAGE. "Listapad" announces the visual concept and slogan of the 27th festival


Minsk International Film Festival "Listapad" will be held on the previously announced dates from November 6 to 13, 2020. This year's festival slogan "Magic of Image" addressed to the unique nature of cinema. The visual concept of the 27th "Listapad" is a tribute to the legendary Belarusian film "The City of Masters".

The slogan "Magic of Image" emphasizes that cinema is a sacrament, a magical process. It reveals the world around us in all its completeness, complexity and richness. The image, the skillfully constructed mise-en-scène, the combinations of color and shadows fascinate us, revealing not only the nuances of the plot, but also serving as the main key to the meanings and ideas of on-screen stories.

The visual concept of the festival focuses on the main character of Vladimir Bychkov's fairy tale "The City of Masters". This iconic Belarusian film turns 55 this year. Stylized as a colorful medieval ballad, the movie delighted and charmed many generations of Belarusians. And the brilliant music of Oleg Karavaichuk gave the fairy tale mystery an intellectual sensibility, almost impossible in children's cinema. The movie glorified freedom and patriotism, heroism and turned a fairy tale into an instant classic.

On the festival poster “The City of Masters” protagonist, sweeper Karakol is accentuated with a bright color in the space of Minsk, the city where Listapad will be held for the 27th time. The poster is the image of a clean, spacious city as we want to see it, regardless of eras, times, and events.

The 27th "Listapad" is created in difficult conditions for the entire film industry. However, the power of cinematography, impression and image can serve as a panacea for many adversities today. Despite all the difficulties, life goes on. That is why the format of the festival this year will be different from all the previous ones. For foreign members of the jury and representatives of the media, the forum’s directorate is preparing to hold "Listapad" in an online format. Screenings for viewers will be held in cinemas where social distance and all necessary precautions will be ensured.

The visual concept of the festival was developed by Forte Grey advertising agency for the third time. Forte Grey is the leading creative agency of Belarus for over 25 years, specializing in brand strategies, marketing communications and the development of creative products. The agency successfully represents Belarus at international advertising and marketing festivals.

The Listapad Festival is accredited by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF) as a competitive festival of films created in the countries of the former socialist camp: the CIS countries, Central and Southeast Asia, the Baltic countries, Eastern and Central Europe, and Cuba. "Listapad" was organized by the Center for Visual and Performing Arts "ART Corporation". The founders of the MIFF are the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus, the Minsk City Executive Committee. Follow the news on the official website, as well as on social media Facebook, Instagram, VK.