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France, Italy, Germany, USA, 2004-2019, 144 min


Oleg Tcherny

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Oleg Tcherny

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The Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben lives in Venice. For him it is the only European city which hasn’t turned into a museum or a citadel of imaginary urgency, the only city which has outlived his own death and turned into a ghost.

2007 IFFR (Netherlands) – World Premiere

Ephebes and courtesans

A frenzy of smoke and clinking wine glasses serve as backdrop to Oleg Tcherny's dizzyingly intoxicating short film. In a dark cafe somewhere in Paris, a tribe of beautiful faces give voice to the discussion at hand: who is more beautiful – women or young men?

2005 IFFR (Netherlands)

The general line

The film opens with a slow panoramic shot. We see an industrial district of Venice and mountain peaks and hear seagulls crying overhead, casual passersby talking to each other, the city’s noise. Very soon the landscape will experience some change…

2010 Venice IFF (Italy)

Afternoon near the tomb of Falconetti

 A man is sitting in the shade, by a tree in Montmartre cemetery, Paris, on the edge of the tomb of Falconetti (1892–1946). She gained unforgettable recognition as Jeanne of Arc in Carl Theodor Dreyer’s silent film THE PASSION OF JOAN OF ARC (1928). 

2012 Viennale (Austria)

Flashback legion

A ray of sunlight gets through the window and lightens a relatively small detail of a Tintoretto’s painting.

Screening 2


An old man is sitting on the terrace of a café, smoking a cigar and drinking whiskey. It’s an ordinary sight, but we cannot fail to perceive how the world around him is experiencing a series of invisible changes.

Doch (traumgewalten)

Bright sunshine, a forest and a lake reflecting the sky. Some people on the shore are really weird: they are making faces or shouting out obscene words in the middle of someone else’s phrase.

This is the paradigm of the worst possible film

 A certain peculiar behavior of the filmmaker Stan Brakhage was witnessed on several occasions in different places. His friend, P. Adams Sitney, focuses on an object involved in the story.

A leaf, treeless, for Bertolt Brecht

Princeton University Art Museum. A poster of a land art exhibition. An person is awkwardly confronting the sublunary world.

Prometheus and Epimetheus

A human silhouette disappears in a ballet of shadows and black frames between sequences. 

2007 IFFR (Netherlands) – World Premiere
2005 IFFR (Netherlands)
2010 Venice IFF (Italy)
2012 Viennale (Austria)
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Oleg Tcherny

Born in 1971 in Minsk. Studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and Le Fresnoy School (France). Author of feature and documentary films as well as works which don’t fall within traditional genres (experimental cinema, video-art, etc.). His films were screened at international film festivals and art centres dedicated to contemporary art. In 2018 took part in «ZBOR In Progress», a collective exhibition of comtemporary Belarusian art held at the “Ў” gallery in Minsk.