Speak So I Can See You

Serbia, Croatia, Qatar, 2019, 73’


Marija Stojnić


Marija Stojnić,
Miloš Ivanović


Marija Stojnić

Rights Holder

Square Eyes


Dušan Grubin


Bilboke, Set Sail Films, Restart

Radio Belgrade, one of Europe’s oldest radio stations, still broadcasts original programming and helps keep history, culture and critical thought from slipping out of memory. Set at the intersection of an observational documentary and a unique sensory experience, the film conjures everyday scenes at the station and explores the relationship between sound and the space it inhabits. Through a synesthetic blend of sounds, words, notes, echoes and light, we are taken into a unique cinematic soundscape that doubles as a love letter to radiophonic art and its disarming insight into what makes us remember, understand, think, discover, and feel.

2019 IDFA (Netherlands) – World Premiere, IDFA Competition for First Appearance
2020 ZagrebDox IDFF (Croatia) – Regional Competition
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Marija Stojnić

Director. Her films blur borders between documentary and fiction, and the narratives are non-linear, complex and fragmented. Studied at The New School for Media Studies in New York and Academy of Arts in Belgrade. Her recent projects focus on cultural heritage, ancestral music and experimental sound. In 2016 founded production house Bilboke in Serbia. Since September 2019, together with producers Andrijana Sofranić and Miloš Ivanović, she’s been running Set Sail Films.

Selected filmography

2019 Speak So I Can See You