Children and youth film competition "Listapadzik"

Raško Miljković
The witch hunters
Cast Mihajlo Milavić, Silma Mahmuti, Jelena Djokić, Bojan Žirović, Jelena Jovanova
Moonika Siimets
The little comrade
Cast Helena Maria Reisner, Eva Koldits, Tambet Tuisk, Juhan Ulfsak, Maria Klenskaja
Gustavo Steinberg,  Gabriel Bitar,  André Catoto
Closing film (Out of competition). Tito and the birds
Cast Denise Fraga, Otávio Augusto, Mateus Nachtergaele, Mateus Solano, Pedro Henrique
Heather Tsui
Long time no sea
Cast Shang-He Huang, Jia-Jun Zhong, Feng-Ying Li, Ling Zhang
Sandra Vannucchi
Girl in flight
Cast Donatella Finocchiaro, Filippo Nigro, Lisa Andreozzi, Emina Amatovic, Andrea Atzei
Likarion Wainaina
Supa modo
Cast Stycie Waweru, Maryanne Nungo, Nyawara Ndambia
Aldiyar Bairakimov
On the edge
Cast Sharifbek Zakirov, Alisher Abuov, Zhasulan Kopbergen, Ondasyn Besikbasov, Nurken Sabyrhan
Igor Chetverikov
Opening film (Out of competition). Gamer rules
Cast Mark Nester, Alina Rachkovskaya, Danila Karmalin, Fedor Sushko, Valentina Gartsueva
Eri Mizutani
Their voices (Out of competition)
In her movie Eri Mizutani invites us to experience mysterious world, carefully hidden from us behind the walls of the polish boarding school. The young students have their own magic world, hardly accessible for the others, the "normal" ones.
Bünyamin Musullu
Promise (Out of competition)
The Hotel Mado is located in the heart of Cologne and functions as a long-term home for a few refugees. Among them lives a ten-year-old Promise with his three-year-old twin siblings and mother. He takes care of the household, and acts as a fa
Yimeng Zhang
The zhengs (Out of competition)
Zheng Honghai has been living in Hungary for over 27 years. He is married to a Hungarian woman and has three kids. “You can not rely on her at all”, he says talking about the way of educating their children. “She just sets them free from all