Closing film: Wendy

Germany, 2017, 90 min.


Dagmar Seume


Eva Holtmann,
Jan Kromschröder


Caroline Hecht

Rights Holder

Beta Cinema GmbH


Gunnar Fuss


Jule Hermann, Jasmin Gerat, Benjamin Sadler, Maren Kroymann, Nadeshda Brennicke


Bantry Bay Productions, in co-production with Deutsche Columbia Pictures Filmproduktion

After a serious riding accident, Wendy, formerly an enthusiastic and successful rider, never got back on a horse. But once arriving to her grandmother’s farm, she crosses ways with Dixie, a wounded horse which just escaped from the butcher. Dixie seems to be quite fond of Wendy and follows her whenever she goes. The two loners are building a friendship which has the potential to forever change not only Wendy’s life but also could save grandma’s ranch from being sold. But for how long will Wendy be able to hide her new friend from the adults?

2017 Giffoni FF (Italy) – “Elements +6” section
Dagmar Seume - 1

Dagmar Seume

Initially studied Sports Education and worked as a trainer for gymnastics. She took to filmmaking by working as a director’s assistant for various feature and image film productions. Her short film REMEMBER (2005) was screened at numerous international film festivals. Her other films include: VERDAMMT, ICH BIN ERWACHSEN (doc, 2010), the awardwinning comedy series DANNI LOWINSKI (2011), her feature debut HANNI & NANNI 3 (2013), ALLEINE WAR GESTERN (TV, 2014).

Selected filmography

2017 Wendy

2013 Hanni & Nanni 3

2005 Remember