National film schools competition

Luisa Mello
The rest of the yarn
In the suburbs of Budapest, an elderly couple live in a suspended time surrounded by butterflies, shells, porcelain and stones. Without heirs, Istvan and Melinda contemplate what will happen to their collections. A film about time, memory
Bronte Stahl
The geography of the otherwise flat city of Charleroi is defined by slag heaps - hills formed from the waste material from coal mines. Filmed entirely from these terrils themselves, the film weaves large-scale industrial tragedy with the poet
Shir Hori Abu
Shira Tama
A coming-of-age film documenting Shira Tama, a 12-year-old girl living in the Amona settlement, who is fighting the battle of her life to save her home.
Dudi Ashkenazi, Tamar Haritonov, Rotem Ezra, Savion Arbel, Yonathan Dumush, Daniel Porat, Amit Karni, Tom Schwartz, Daniel Ambia, Oshrit Gedalia, Ann Bitan, Lihi Dahan, Hodaya Rozenblum
The documentary reveals the stories of the homeless people that live their life in a constant struggle trying to maintain their possessions, place and identity. Their monologues are translated into seven short animated films.
Dorota Vlnová
Radiant places
How a poem is created? Is it possible to display one kind of art through another? The film is an attempt to interpret the word poetry through the life and work of the blind poet Ivan Štrpka.
Paula Reiselová
Planet Gelnica
Gelnica, once a royal mining town, today has all the mines flooded. But young guys from the city do not want to hang the mining uniform on the nail yet. The citizens of the city behave as if they do not want to admit that the mi
Lucia Kašová
Concrete times
Changes of Bratislava which lies on the Danube river are depicted in a city symphony with nostalgia for the past and uncertainty of the future. A philosophical story of different worlds of people who never meet, despite sharing the same geogr
Manuel Inacker
La bestia – train of the unknowns
“Casa del Migrante” in Huehuetoca, a suburb at the gates of Mexico City, is a safe haven for migrants. At least for two days. Then they must go on with their journey towards north in freight train carriages, which everyone here just calls “La
Elīza Bēniņa
Matz: estonian waterbird
The young Estonian Para swimming star Matz Topkin shines not only with his speed but with his personality as well. His positivity and smile will light up the room wherever he goes. He is determined to go to the Tokyo Paralympics and even hopes
Anastasiya Lashkevich
My french uncle
How does if feel to be an emigrant for half of your life? What does “homeland” mean to you? What is it like to give up a dream and start the path to it again? The director reflects on the life of her uncle, who also passionately dreamed of be
Krzysztof Wołżański
And we’ll be happy again
Adolescent children try to keep together for better and worse after their mother's loss, although their lives will never be the same again. The director shares the painful and intimate history of his family with the audience.
Felicitas Sonvilla
My brother is a dancer
Felicitas Sonvilla, the director of the film, tries to save the battered relationship with her younger brother Silvius. Together with her good friend Nina, the three embark on a road trip across Europe to the places of their childhood. But Fel