National film schools competition

Maomao Zhao
Blank Canvas. The Art of Family
This personal documentary centers on the filmmaker’s father who hasn’t painted in ten years after suffering a stroke. Disconnected from family, with his life and career having plateaued, Fengyun spends his days watching television and doing no
David Lušičić
This short documentary follows the process of monument installation of the first Croatian president, dr. Franjo Tudjman, in Zagreb. It is an aesthetic observation of the wrapped sculpture as an overlay that reveals a new surface. By exposing it to
Tatyana Lushnikova
Wild Boar
If a daughter takes after her father, she will definitely be happy, they say. And what if you look like a person you have never seen? And all you know about him is just speculation, conjectures and a small bronze figurine.
Marta Skiba
Under the Sky
An old man in a twilight of his life longs for his greatest passion – flying. He does not remember people or events from the past anymore, but his feelings remain the same when he looks up at the sky. The former ace, now all that he has left ar
Julian Dieterich
The void inside
Anaïs Moog
Silent storm
From the shores of the Atlantic to those of the Mediterranean, the director meets the women whose faces and voices bear witness to the loss of loved ones and ruined hopes. The mourning and hopeless waiting of the bodies find in the incessant movement
Linda Nyman
No kids for me thank you
Childfree, not childless. That is how Linda, a young filmmaker, sees herself and her future. For her it has been clear since her early teens that she won’t become a mother, but it is first now that she “comes out from the closet”, travels back
Ben Voit
Night upon Kepler 452b
Cold times, people are looking for a place to sleep. A van races through the night, to bring out of the dark, what could get lost in there. The film tries to grasp the perception of people who are constantly on the run, who can't remember the las