HELB (Haute École libre de Bruxelles)

Siham Bouzerda
If you ask me a question
The attacks are getting closer and the consequences are multiple. I refrain from talking about my own feelings, but how do those around me feel? When I ask my parents about the Belgium they knew before, I get the impression that it was not only a
Pablo Heuson
Let yourself be transported through the eyes of a honeybee in this lyrical journey that links the city and the countryside. FLOUREJA, which means ‘gathering nectar” in Provençal, tells of the complex relationship between Bees and Men.
Nina Degraeve
Ray Richardson: our side of the water
Originally from Woolwich, a popular suburb of South East London, there was no prospect that Ray Richardson would become one of the major figures in British figurative painting. Anchored on the South bank of the Thames, it is there that he finds th