My brother is a dancer

Austria, Germany, 2018, 61 min.


Felicitas Sonvilla


Florian Brüning,
Thomas Herberth

Rights Holder

Horse&Fruits Filmproduktion OG


Nina Wesemann


University of Television and Film Munich (HFF)

Felicitas Sonvilla, the director of the film, tries to save the battered relationship with her younger brother Silvius. Together with her good friend Nina, the three embark on a road trip across Europe to the places of their childhood. But Felicitas pursues a secret aim with this movie: she wants her brother to understand who's the boss in this artist partnership. But Silvius has his own ideas of what that movie should look like. MY BROTHER IS A DANCER is a multi-layered film about the relationship between two siblings and filmmaking itself.

2019 Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis (Germany) – Competition
Diagonale – Festival of Austrian Film (Austria)
Felicitas Sonvilla - 1

Felicitas Sonvilla

Born 1988 in Korneuburg, Austria. Lived in Vienna, Brussels, Helsinki, Paris and Montpellier. In 2007–2010 studied Theatre, Film and Media at the University of Vienna. In 2010–2018 studied documentary film direction at the HFF Munich. Her films have been shown at internationally renowned festivals and have won numerous awards. Lives and works in Vienna and Munich.