Star rain

Denmark, 2019, 28 min.


Camilla Arlien


Mathias Bruunshøj Jakobsen

Rights Holder

Camilla Arlien


Rasmus Hasle Jørgensen


National Film School of Denmark

Three young girls are left alone in a magic house in the forest. They grow closer to each other as the border between reality and fantasy vanish. They tell stories from their imagination rooted in their own lives. Stories about leaving home, growing up, feeling alone and traveling to space. The film is an experimental documentary bringing young non-actors into a fantasy world that lets them live out their dreams in an environment where they can be themselves. The three girls each have limits in the real world, which is turned upside down to explore their potentials and hidden talents.

Camilla Arlien - 1

Camilla Arlien

Born in 1987 in Copenhagen. Graduated as a documentary film director from the National Film School of Denmark in 2019. Has a background in theatre, music and circus. Works with experimental documentaries, often with a touch of magic. Has a special interest in the self-development of the characters.