The rest of the yarn

Hungary, 2019, 11 min.


Luisa Mello

Rights Holder

Luisa Mello


Luciana Baseggio


The Mobile Film School «DocNomads»

In the suburbs of Budapest, an elderly couple live in a suspended time surrounded by butterflies, shells, porcelain and stones. Without heirs, Istvan and Melinda contemplate what will happen to their collections. A film about time, memory and finitude.

Luisa Mello - 1

Luisa Mello

Born in 1989 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Studied Cinema, Art and Philosophy at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro. Studied documentary filmmaking at the the International Film and TV School of Cuba (EICTV) and at DocNomads, an international Joint Master degree in documentary film directing based in Lisbon, Budapest and Brussels.