Czech Republic, 2017, 11 min.


Lukáš Janičík


Lukáš Janičík

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Lukáš Janičík



The film is an abstract portrait of Ústí nad Labem region in the north of the Czech Republic with a thematic focus on the clash between the industrial and natural landscape. With the expressive tools of experimental film the camera describes the structures of both contradicting forces and analyzes, whether it is possible to find any way of communication or harmony between them. The film was edited mostly directly in the camera, while each of the 16mm frame was at least twice exposed. This process creates a continuous flow of multilayered image and destroys the traditional defined borders of a camera shot with its sharp beginning and end.

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Lukáš Janičík

Born in 1989. A second-year student in the Department of Editing at FAMU (Prague), where he mostly focuses on experimental cinema. He also holds a bachelor's degree of English language. His fascination of abstract cinematic language was first expressed in a 16mm handmade film called TRANSFORMATION (2014), further developed in a stop-motion study of abstraction of long-exposed photographs in PETRIN PENETRATES THE DARK (2016), and is also very much present in his last 16mm multi-exposure film ÚSTÍ (2017).

Selected filmography

2017 Ústí

2016 Petrin penetrates the dark

2014 Transformation