Japan, 2015г., 87 min


Tatsuo Kobayashi

It is the fourth year of the Keiou era (1868). The Tokugawa Shogunate is ending, after a period of dominance that continued for 300 years. Kiwamu suddenly breaks off his marriage engagement with the younger sister of his best friend Teijirou. Teijirou becomes outraged when he learns of this, and he heads off in pursuit of Kiwamu, until they reencounter their friend since childhood, Masanosuke. When Kiwamu discovers that Masanosuke has been driven out of his family home, Kiwamu encourages him to join their Shougitai resistance movement. When these three lifelong friends are reunited, their destinies are catapulted into extreme directions.

2015 Montreal World Film Festival - competition section
Tatsuo Kobayashi - 1

Tatsuo Kobayashi

Born in 1985, in Kyoto (Japan). In 2007 at the Kyoto International Student Film & Video Festival won the top prize with his short film DISTRICT. The production of COUNTRY GIRL (2010) was 100% self-fi nanced by Kobayashi. In 2013 he filmed THE SECRET SHARER (short film) and became the recipient of the Kyoto City Special Bounty Program for Art and Culture 2013.

Selected filmography

2015 Gassoh

2013 The Secret Sharer (short)

2010 Country Girl