The Mysterious Boy

Croatia, 2013г., 88 min


Dražen Žarković

The Mysterious Boy is a story about fourteen-year old boys who solve a new mystery with the help of their resourceful and skilful friend Koko. Koko's friend Tomo has recently moved to the city and he craves adventure. The attention of Tomo and Koko is drawn by a new student who is acting strangely. Together with their classroom friend Marijana, they will reveal his well-kept secret step by step.

Are Koko and his friends up to this task?

Is the solution more frightening than they thought and how are they going to deal with it?

2013: Pula Film Festival – Golden Arena for Best Costume Design
Dražen Žarković - 1

Dražen Žarković

Born in Zagreb in 1970. From 1989 to 1992 he worked in Zagreb Film studio for animated film, first as phaser and then as an animator, and took part in the making of a dozen cartoon film projects. In 1992 he enrolled the Academy of Dramatic Art where he graduated film directing. From 1993 he has worked free lance for the Croatian Television where he has made a whole series of feature and documentary projects as writer and director.  He is a member of the Croatian Association of Film Workers and the Croatian Free Lance Artists' Association.  He has worked as assistant director at feature-length films. 

Selected filmography

2013 «The Mysterious Boy»

2006 «Tressette Card Game»

2001 «Let's Go Yellow!»