Belarus, 2015г., 61 min

A Young Belarusian man moved to the USA, where he worked at a cool car service centre. He decided to stay there and destroyed his passport to ensure against deportation, which didn’t help. Having embraced American dream and western psychology in his mind, he made plans for the future. Now he is back to Belarus with no documents. The only place where he could get a job without passport is a hellish mechanic shop in Shabany district, where he has to face life in the industrial zone that seems to be stuck in the Soviet era. He meets a girl, gets back at a corrupt clerk and rediscovers his motherland.

Andrei Kureichik - 1

Andrei Kureichik

Born in 1980 in Minsk. Graduated from Belarusian State University. Underwent a study course at Moscow Chehov art theatre. Author of numerous plays and scripts for films and TV series.