Vera’s Sweet Farewell

Belarus, 2014г., 104 min

Beautiful ageing Vera spent her life waiting for the only man she loved, the captain of the line aircraft, which never hesitated to leave his family for her. Now she remains without job, relatives, friends, but with painful memories. In fear of a sudden death Vera decides to organize her own funeral beforehand and invites the agent from the bureau of ceremonial services. The agent happens to be a handsome young man. Love, which they both can’t admit, flashes between them. But the time Vera spends with this man turns out to be the sweetest moments in her life.

Aleksandra Butor - 1

Aleksandra Butor

Graduated from Belarusian state academy of arts (2002 – “director of television” department, 2012 –“director of a feature film” department). Films: PAVLINKA-NEW (2007, TV), BATLEYKA (2008, TV), WHITE DEW. RETURN (2014).