National competition

Ruslan Fedotow
Songs for Kit
A young-looking woman with a red scarf, holding a plush mouse. One cannot tell at once that she is already fifty and has been homeless for three years. Her incredible love for life keeps her safe from freezing to death in the cold streets of Mosc
Halina Adamovich
Our Children
Each parent is sure that his own child is special. But sometimes even parents have difficulty in understanding and accepting such children. It is not easy when your child causes inconvenience, embarrassment and misunderstanding. But these kids ma
Alena Tsahelskaya
Alexandr Zabavchik. My Jazz
What gives inspiration to an artist? What kind of sounds and melodies give birth to visual images? Alexandr Zabavchik, a famous Belarusian avant-garde artist, shares the secrets of his mastery, inviting us to enter his studio and experience the s
Kirill Vlasenko
Give Me a Sign
According to statistics, there are about 11 hundred letters a year addressed to the law-enforcement authorities concerning missing citizens in the Republic of Belarus. The film tells in detail how the society can help to solve the problem of miss
Alena Yasinskaya
Not a Groom
A young boy has learnt that his girlfriend is expecting a baby. But the guy has his head in the clouds and realizes that he himself is still a baby and not a groom at all. This sincere interview touches upon the process of growing up.
Aliaksandra Markava
A Quiet Street
Urban densification, a painful issue for many people, is seen through the eyes of an eight-year-old girl who lives with her parents and pets in a semi-detached house. The street where the house is situated is to be demolished. The local residents
Alexander Svishchenkov
Mein Deutschland
A descendant of ethnic Germans in Belarus is convinced that Germany is the best country in the world. But his Germany exists only in his imagination. What can change this point of view? New impressions, new contacts or new love?..
Darya Zhuk
Crystal Swan
Cast Alina Nasibullina, Ivan Mulin, Yury Borisov, Svetlana Anikey, Ilya Kapanets, Ludmila Razumova
Mitry Semenov-Aleinikov,  Dmitry Fedorovich,  Ekaterina Tarasova,  Igor Vasilyev
War. To Stay a Human
Cast Marina Poddubnaya, Karina Samtsova, Zinaida Zubkova, Igor Denisov, Maksim Krechetov, Yevgeniy Kazakevich, Viktor Rybchinskiy, Veronika Derkach, Dmitriy Ratomskiy, Veronika Plyashkevich, Igor Shugaleyev, Oleg Garbuz, Georgiy Malyavskiy, Aleksandr Brukhatskiy, Alla Prolich, Boris Borisonok, Aleksandr Parfenovich
Raman Padaliaka,  Mihail Zui
Cast Elena Sidorova, Aleksandr Molchanov, Svetlana Anikey, Ivan Kushneruk, Aleksandr Pavlov, Pavel Harlanchuk, Diana Kaminskaya, Ekaterina Yavorskaya, Dmitriy Yasenevich
Andrei Krivetski
Cast Andrei Senkin, Valerij Shushkevich, Alexandr Stasevich
Aliaksei Paluyan
Disturbance of the Quietness
Cast Anton von Lucke, Katia Fellin, Patricia von Miseroni