National competition

Mitry Semenov-Aleinikov
Exclusion Zone
Cast Darya Melnikova, Alexander Golovin, Pavel Chinarev, Daniil Vahrushev, Irina Bezryadnova, Sergey Tolkach
Sasha Kulak,  Darya Golova
The Accommodations of Desire
Cast Ossip Blits, Ravi Blits, Karin Iturralde, Filip Birkner, Arto Vanhasselt, Moa Holgersson
Ivan Gopienko
Kingdom of Stars
This is a story about twisted ideas, mercy and humanity, our effort to be the better version of ourselves. 
Nikita Lavretski
Nikita Lavretski
A cycle of mundane violence, lust for art, and existential dread – all chronicled in an unconventional self-titled docu-horror by Nikita Lavretski, who violently edits lo-fi footage of himself from age 0 to age 16.
Аndrei Kniazevich
The heroes of the film live in isolation from the external world, in an asylum for patients with mental disabilities. We are trying to shut ourselves off from them, but the life of these people is diverse and interesting in its own way. But the jo
Anastasiya Miroshnichenko
Darkness Outside
Participation in the qualifying stage of the European Championship is the only chance for the visually impaired football players from the Belarusian national team to step out of the darkness and present themselves. However, the sportsmen meet conside
Andrei Kutsila
I Need the Handshakes...
A small hamlet lost in the endless Belarusian province. Walentyna, who is 92 years old, lives in a little cottage off the beaten track where she takes care of her daughter who was born paralysed. Tania experienced unimaginable loneliness in her li
Dima Dedok
Dima lives in a usual Belarusian village. He goes fishing, stokes the fire, visits his friends and neighbours. However, there is something that makes him different. He is a thief. Observing the mysterious world, full of disturbing parallels, Dima
Victor Asliuk
Cemeteries are places where the living and the deceased meet. The living look at the dead and the dead look at the living. Sometimes they talk to each other. They all belong here. 
Ales Lapo
All Activities According to the Plan
The young man Denis Dashkevich is the director of the rural House of Culture in the agricultural town of Pobolovo, Rogachev district. In an attempt to find new aspects of the work of the cultural center in the village, he plans to create a comput
Volodymyr Lutskiy
Ancestral Code
The documentary film ANCESTRAL CODE is a research into the origins of the Ukrainian and Belarusian peoples, the search for their identity through the study of the melodism of Slavic ethnographic heritage. Nowadays many people talk about brotherho
Daria Yurkevich
Invisible Paradise
Yulia, Alesia and Olya are three Belarusian sisters. They grew up in perfect harmony with their environment where they continue to live, engaged in fishing and subsistence farming. Daria Yurkevich frames this innocent existence magnificently, in a