Animation films

Irina Tarasava
The best place in the world
A young mouseling, upon hearing a tale of the wonderful Granary full of seeds, where mice live without worries, leaves his home in the burrows to find this wondrous place...
Elena Petkevich
Master of Free Arts Francisk Skorina
The film is dedicated to Belarusian printing pioneer and enlightener Francysk Skaryna. In the mysterious and magical atmosphere, it is not clear whether it is a dream or reality, Francysk Skaryna meets a curious talking lion at night. Skaryna ans
Tatyana Kublitskaya
The legend about gusli
The boy is looking for his father to bring him back home from the war. During the journey, he overcomes numerous trials and obstacles. Later on the Boy finds warriors ready for battle on the Far Field. On the Far Field the Boy finds warriors read
Irina Kadzukova
Dante. Beatrice
Everyone was a child... even geniuses. And the great poet Dante Alighieri was just a little boy, whose mother passed away very early. He grew up, ran down the streets, played with friends. One day, when he was 9 years old, he met a girl at
Natalia Darvina
The beauty and the beast
Toadling Apollo is well known not only for beauty, but also for his brave and noble heart. However, he is deeply saddened by the fact that he could never become bigger than he is now, mistakenly believing that happiness and size are in some way int
Evgeny Nadtochey
There is turmoil in the Kingdom! An evil sorcerer threatens to turn the princess into stone if she refuses to marry him. Only a person who knows no fear can confront him. By good fortune there is such a person – a man seeking a chance to get a fright