Andrei Kutsila
king of the hill
Belarusian videoblogger and young farmer Simon, a deeply religious Orthodox Christian, always liked getting philosophical on life, admiring Mother Nature and sharing it with the world. For the last 5 years he and his wife have been living in the
Ilya Bozhko
lost poetry
On October 29, 1937 about 100 Belarusian intellectuals were executed «on legal grounds» in Minsk. A few years later their names have been rehabilitated. However, despite this, the most of them are still in oblivion. In 80 years after the tr
Roman Romanov
power of moths
This is a film about the unusual theaters where people with disabilities play. Theater for them is neither therapy nor fun. It is life and work, and whatever physical limitations do not matter here. The characters pass to the audience their love, adm
Yury Timofeev
the hearth
The film tells about the life of Belarusian remote places. There is an unusual clubmuseum in the village of Loktyshi in Gantsevichi district. One of its chambers is called «AntiBacchus Museum». In fact, this is a cabinet of healthy lifestyle preventi
Artem Lobach
fragments. compositions
This project has been developed for 10 years and consists of several visual sketches on different topics. The main thing here is to observe life in all its manifestations
Andrei Kudinenko
a fan
Vasia thе Pedestrian is a football fan of Brest Dynamo. He has befallen 5 golden seasons that means he has visited every play of the team. He travels to away matches on foot. In 2016 he has passed 4 470 km – no hitch-hiking, no money, spending nights
Aliaksei Paluyan
country of women
The Belarusian village Lubeiki is inhabited solely by women. All of them happened to outlive not only their husbands, but also their children. Nevertheless, they have not lost their vitality and will to live. In the words of one of the main character
Art-group «Chronotop»
who am i?
Participants of the film festival «Chronotop. Art: reboot» try to solve the question of their own identification.
Yahor Surski
Stories in the film are a testimony of faith of Belarusian elderly people. Main characters of the film are a many years bell-ringer and administrator at the church, a school teacher at the time of antireligious propaganda, a volunteer for  the  renew
Auhinia Mantsevich
The film tells about 89-year old inhabitant of Belarusian village Lokhaushchyna Vasilina Valadkevich. In winter old auntie Vasilina stays alone. Her kids passed away without leaving her grandchildren. Between winter troubles auntie Vasilina remembers
Victor Asliuk
Yanka Kupala
Yanka Kupala is one of the spiritual symbols of Belarus. He is the figure that can no longer be defaced from the height of modernity. But addiction to fame, putting on a list of classics leads to stigmatization of a person. The authors of 
Boris Nikolaychik
around belarus by bicycles with motors
2 friends, 2 mopeds, 3000 km along the Belarusian borders, 47 days on the road and only 1 day without breaking. This is a story about two friends exciting journey, an attempt to trace the 25-year-old era of the independent country and to show its bea