Our Children

Belarus, 2017, 39 min.


Halina Adamovich


Viktor Lobkovich


Elena Antonishina

Rights Holder

“PervajaKinoVideo Company”


Sergei Mileshkin


“PervajaKinoVideo Company”

Each parent is sure that his own child is special. But sometimes even parents have difficulty in understanding and accepting such children. It is not easy when your child causes inconvenience, embarrassment and misunderstanding. But these kids make the world a better place, they teach us patience and love. First and foremost, it is a film about parents. It makes us sympathize with them, admire their bravery and think what it means to be a mother or a father. To be a parent of any child, not only of a special one. The film is addressed to all those who have children. And also to people who only start planning: “One day, I’ll have a child…”.

Halina Adamovich - 1

Halina Adamovich

Documentary filmmaker, member of the Belarusian Union of Cinematographers. Prize-winner of numerous international film festivals. Graduated from the Belarusian State Academy of Arts in 1994 (documentary directing, workshop of Victor Dashuk). Since 1995 has been cooperating with the National Film Studio “Belarusfilm”.