National competition

Mara Tamkovich
Cast Adam Cywka, Gabriela Chojecka
Igor Volchek
Wolfie lived in the forest, discovering something new every day, admiring a spider’s web or a leaf, slowly floating in the water, playing with a frog and a hare, getting scared of a huge elk. But once Wolfie was found by a man. The man brought the
Marina Karpova
The ABC of Dangers
It’s winter. House spirits Bakunya and Charusha are riding on a sled. The sled brakes after a particularly dashing ride down the hill. Bakunya and Charusha go to the shed to get the tools, not noticing that they are being watched by the evil Muddy
Marina Karpova
Vasilisa the Lazy
Paraphrase of the Italian fairy tale "Lazy Brucholina" about a capricious girl.
Natalia Darvina
The Good Wolf
On the edge of a meadow, deep in the woods lived a Hungry wolf. He was hungry all the time because of his gentle heart. He ate herbs, honey and drank tea. Once in winter he was starving and finally decided to steal a lamb from old man and woman. H
Ruslan Sinkevich,  Roman Burmakov,  Svetlana Kotlyarova,  Marta Gerashchenko
In the Swamp of Polessie
An unusual story about a boy who didn’t care about the nature or animals and once found himself in a tough situation – an old eagle-owl took the foolish boy to its home deep inside the forest, in the middle of the Pollessie swamp. After that the e

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