A Marriage Story

Czech Republic, 2017, 102 min.


Helena Třeštíková


Kateřina Černá,
Pavel Strnad


Helena Třeštíková

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David Cysař, Vlastimil Hamerník, Jan Malíř, Miroslav Souček, Ervín Sanders, Jiří Chod, Robert Novák, Antonín Kutík


Negativ, Czech Television

In 35 years of marriage, a lot of things happen: from the moments of an absolute harmony to the dramatic falls. For the most of the time, the couple cares for common daily life issues and joys that come together with raising the children, running the household or running a business. Within a project MARRIAGE STORIES Helena Třeštíková follows six married couples as of  1980, showing their lives in the context of different social and political periods. Her new feature documentary about Ivana and Vaclav Strnad is linked to TV films from this cycle, but most importantly it shows further shocking twists, that life brought to the couple and their children.

2017 Cronograf IDFF (Moldova) – Best Film
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Helena Třeštíková

One of the most important Czech documentary filmmakers, Helena Třeštíková has directed some forty films since graduating from Prague’s FAMU film school in 1974. She worked for a long time in Czech television, which funded the hit series MARRIAGE STORIES (1987) and MARRIAGE STORIES 20 YEARS LATER (2006). Her latest trilogy of portraits (MARCELA, RENÉ, KATKA), shot in the late 2000s, brought her international attention. RENÉ won the prestigious best documentary prize at the European Film Awards in 2008.

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2017 A Marriage Story