Little Man, Time and the Troubadour

the Netherlands, Belgium, 2019, 104 min.


Ineke Smits


Jan van der Zanden,
Ineke Kanters,
Peter Krüger,
Ineke Smits


Ineke Smits,
Sipa Labakhua

Rights Holder

Deckert Distribution


Piotr Rosolowski


The Film Kitchen, Inti Films, Stout&Smits, EOdocs

Abkhazian artist Sipa Labakhua travels around his small, unknown native land with his autobiographical one man marionette show. While provoking audiences with his own history of displacement and war, he collects personal memories and dreams of people from different backgrounds: Abkhazian nationalists, Orthodox priests, Syrian refugees and Russian hippies. This road movie sheds a poetic light on a highly topical question in a world that is on fire: what is home, what makes a country? 

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Ineke Smits

Born in 1960 in Rotterdam. In 1984 graduated from the Rotterdam Art Academy. In 1989 – 1994 studied at the National Film and Television School in England (Film Directing and Script Writing), obtained an MA degree. Since 1999 has directed several documentaries and fiction films. Her works tend to be an eclectic whole, where borders between fiction, documentary and art blur. In 2011 founded her own production company Stout&Smits, together with Jeroen Stout. Lives and works in the Netherlands and in Georgia.

Selected filmography

2019 Little Man, Time and the Troubadour

2014 Stand by Your President

2010 De vliegenierster van Kazbek