Sergei Plytkevich. Man With A Photo Camera

Belarus, 2017, 52 min-


Olga Dashuk


National Film Studio “Belarusfilm”


Olga Dashuk

Rights Holder

National Film Studio “Belarusfilm”


Anatoly Kazazaev


National Film Studio “Belarusfilm”

This is a film about the unique Belarusian nature. One of the possible ways to present its beauty is through a someone who feels truly inseparable from it. To accept his perception for a while, to look at «wild Belarus» through his eyes, to approach together the line where the everyday human life ends and the mystery of nature begins. This man is Sergei Plytkevich, a journalist and photographer. He is called “one of the most influential tourism professionals”, “the master of Belarusian photography» and “ the modern classic of animalistic photography”.

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Olga Dashuk

Graduated from Belarusian State Academy of Arts. Received a post-graduate degree at Institute of Art Studies, Ethnography and Folklore of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Since 1994 works at National Film Studio “Belarusfilm”. Awardee of international film festivals.

Selected filmography

2017 Sergei Plytkevich. Man With A Photo Camera