Out of competition documentary films

Stephen Nomura Schible
Ryuichi Sakamoto: coda
One of the most important artists of our era, Ryuichi Sakamoto has had a prolific career spanning over four decades, from techno-pop stardom to Oscar-winning film composer. The evolution of his music has coincided with his life journeys.
Tomasz Wolski,  Anna Gawlita
For a musician with absolute pitch each performance in front of the audience is a lesson and an attempt to confront great predecessors. At the 12th International Music Festival “Chopin and his Europe” we look at artists during their preparations f
Nicole Vögele
Closing time
Mr. Kuo and his wife Mrs. Lin hold a night eatery where they cook for the city’s sleepless. They work all night and sleep during the day. Their eatery is a pit stop, a place of refuge. For taxi drivers, shop owners, for a tattoo artist next door.
Enrico Maisto
The call
Italian citizens can be called to serve on juries for certain criminal cases. They are randomly selected by a computer system and don’t get much time to think it over. One morning 60 Italians take their place in a Court of Assizes. The camera nev
Aliona van der Horst
Love is potatoes
Dutch filmmaker Aliona van der Horst gets her inheritance: 6 square meters, one sixth of a small, wooden house in the Russian countryside where her mother grew up. She begins a journey into the past, back into the childhood of her Russian mother
Orban Wallace
Another news story
The film takes a fresh view of the European refugee crisis. It opens in 2015 Greece as refugees arrive on the island of Lesbos and follows refugees into Hungary, Croatia...When faced with immeasurable suffering, how do journalists balance their h
Sergei Loznitsa
Victory day
Every year, on the 9th of May, people gather in Treptower Park in Berlin. They come dressed in their best outfits or in Soviet military uniform. They carry flags, banners and posters. They lay flowers at the monument to the Soviet soldier; they si
Nathaniel Kahn
The price of everything
Exploring the labyrinth of the contemporary art world, THE PRICE OF EVERYTHING examines the role of art and artistic passion in today’s money-driven, consumer-based society. Featuring collectors, dealers, auctioneers and a rich range of artists, f
Roberts Rubīns
A line into infinity
The documentary A LINE INTO INFINITY is a story about the talented ballet dancer Alexei Avechkin, revealing his creative quest, defeat and inspiration on his way from Brest to Minsk in Belarus and later to Riga, where he as an artist appeared in
Laetitia Carton
The grand ball
 It’s the story of a ball. A big ball. Every summer more than two thousand people come from all over Europe to a small town in the French countryside. During seven days and eight nights people dance again and again, lose the notion of ti
Andrey Paounov
Walking on water
WALKING ON WATER follows internationally renowned artist Christo on his quest to realize "The Floating Piers", originally conceived in 1970 in collaboration with his late wife Jeanne-Claude. In 2016, seven years after Jeanne-Claude's death, this
Ladislav Kaboš
The band
This creative cinematographic story chronicles the birth of the Gypsy Band “Lomnické Čháve” in difficult social circumstances of a Roma settlement in Eastern Slovakia. It is a powerful story of hope and desire, full of emotions, electrifying Roma