Germany, 2017, 107 min.


Andres Veiel


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Andres Veiel

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Beuys, the man with a hat, some felt, and the Fettecke. Thirty years after his death he still seems to be a visionary, way ahead of his time. Back then he was trying to patently explain how “money shouldn´t be a commodity”. He knew that money trade would undermine democracy. But there’s more. Beuys boxes, parleys, lectures, and explains pictures to a dead hare. He asks with a grin: “Do You Want a Revolution Without Laughter?” His expanded concept of art leads him smack in the middle of socially relevant discourse, even today.

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Andres Veiel

Born in 1959 in Stuttgart, Germany. Studied Psychology in Berlin, then from 1985-1989 attended seminars in Directing at the Artist House Bethanien in Berlin. Since then, he has been active writing film and theater scripts and lectures at the dffb in Berlin. His films include A WINTERNIGHT’S DREAM (1992), BALAGAN (1993), THE SURVIVORS (1996), BLACK BOX GERMANY (2001), ADDICTED TO ACTING (2004), THE KICK (2006) and IF NOT US, WHO (2011).

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