Documentary Comedies

Sonia Kronlund
About a hundred kilometers away from Kabul, Salim Shaheen, the most popular and prolific actor-director-producer in Afghanistan, comes to show some of his 110 films and to shoot the 111th in the process. He has brought with him his regular troupe of
Marius Iacob
I Am Hercules
Băile Herculane, named after the famous demigod, is one of the oldest spa resorts in Europe, where centuries ago kings and queens used to slip their bodies into the healing waters. It is now a labyrinth where the low-and-middle income class people ge
Svitlana Shymko
The Fall of Lenin
An ironic documentary film about the farewell to the phantoms of the USSR in  Ukraine. The spiritual session with the ghost of Lenin guides us through our past, present and future. The film presents the dawn and the twilight of idols, and the curious
Slavko Martinov
Pecking Order
Fierce rivalries, club infighting, problematic birds and irregular judging are just some of the challenges faced by a group of zealous Kiwi chicken breeders hell bent on victory at the 2015 National Poultry Show.