I Am Hercules

Romania, 2017, 69 min.


Marius Iacob


Marius Iacob,
Irina Malcea,,
Corina Gliga


Marius Iacob

Rights Holder

Manekino Film


Marius Iacob


Manekino Film, Docdays, HBO Romania

Băile Herculane, named after the famous demigod, is one of the oldest spa resorts in Europe, where centuries ago kings and queens used to slip their bodies into the healing waters. It is now a labyrinth where the low-and-middle income class people get lost in search for well-being. Relu, Mitică and Gelu, three selfmade masseurs, serve as guides through this Eastern European Garden of Eden and together they create an absurd portrait of a modern Hercules.

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Marius Iacob

A Romanian cinematographer and director, co-founder of production company Manekino Film. From 2008 he is working as an assistant professor at National University of Drama and Film in Bucharest, cinematography department and in 2016 his got his PhD in cinematography. He signed the cinematography of films selected in many prestigious festivals like Locarno, Berlin, Rotterdam, Sarajevo, etc. He directed the award-winning short 24 BUCKETS, 7 MICE, 18 YEARS (2012).

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2017 I Am Hercules

2012 24 Buckets, 7 Mice, 18 Years