I must tell

Russia, Lithuania, 2017, 52 min.


Sergei Kudryashov


Dilyara Tasbulatova


Dilyara Tasbulatova,
Sergei Kudryashov

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Alexey Strelov, Vyacheslav Sachkov, Sergey Lando


Wakeful spectator society

«I must tell». These words by Masha Rolnikaite (1927 – 2016), a Holocaust survivor and the author of “I Must Tell” book, became her motto and gave her life meaning. The diary which she was writing risking her life was translated into 17 languages and published. Her voice has come through the decades, bearing witness for millions of victims. One voice out of six million has reached us. A child’s voice, but it has great power of sincerity, humanity, and talent.

2017 ArtDocFest Russian Open Documentary FF (Russia)
“Stalker” IFF (Russia) – Georgiy Zhzhonov Special Prize
2018 Eurasia IFF (Kazakhstan)
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Sergei Kudryashov

Born in 1949 in Orekhovo-Zuyevo. Graduated from the High Directing Courses of the State Committee for TV and Radio Broadcasting of the USSR (TV and documentary directing). Made more than 30 documentary films which were broadcasted on different Russian TV channels. Author and director of a movie series dedicated to the expeditions of the “Mir” deep-diving submersibles. Cooperated with the legendary James Cameron during the filming of the ALIENS OF THE DEEP (shot a documentary about the filming).