Tango in Paris. Memories of Astor Piazzolla

Argentina, 2017, 78 min.


Rodrigo H. Vila


Dalila Zaritzky


Rodrigo H. Vila

Rights Holder

Cinema 7 Films


Sebastián Zayas


Astor Piazzolla, José Pons, Jacqueline Pons, Horacio Ferrer, Jairo, Amelita Baltar, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Mercedes Sosa


Cinema 7 Films

José Pons and his wife Jacqueline lived at 16 Rue Descartes in Paris. Their house turned into a meeting place of the brightest generation of Argentine and French artists from the early 1970s onwards. Guests included Astor Piazzolla, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Mercedes Sosa, Horacio Ferrer and many others. In a poetic and emotive way, the film presents the story of two friends, Astor Piazzolla and José Pons, who met on the eve of Piazzolla’s 50th birthday. Based largely on an incredible and never-seen-before archive, the film reconstructs that magical era.

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Rodrigo H. Vila

Director and producer, born in 1970 in Argentina. In 1998 founded Cinema 7 Films, a production company based in Buenos Aires, and has been its general director ever since. He debuted in 2008 with the historical documentary series SECRET SOCIETIES: THE STRING PULLERS. Among his best-known films are MERCEDES SOSA, THE VOICE OF LATIN AMERICA (2013) and BOCA JUNIORS 3D (2015).

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2016 Tango in Paris. Memories of Astor Piazzolla