Out of competition documentary films

Andrijana Stojković
Serbian-Australian writer Wongar lives a secluded life in the suburbs of Melbourne taking care of his 6 dingoes. His latest novel is about to be published but at the same time his long time companion, dingo Timmy, has fallen sick. The vets suggest
Aleksei Vakhrushev
The book of the sea
In the cold waters of Russia’s Bering Strait, Inuit and Chukchi hunters still seek out the giant sea mammals that sustained their people since time immemorial. Life meets myth as a new generation of hunters sets out to sea to hunt the whales, walru
Arkady Ruderman
Theatre of the epoch of perestroika and glasnost
I. Shelenkova, the editor of the Encyclopedia of Literature and Arts, objects to an article on Marc Chagall because the artist is labelled as “a mediocre draughtsman” and a painter whose impact to the history of the 20th century art is insignificant.
Igor Kolovsky
Khatyn, 5 км
The Generalplan Ost was the Nazi plan for the genocide and enslavement of the population of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. The information and the pictures were so shocking that only two episodes of the film were shown during the original screening. Th
Peter Shepotinnik
Khutsiev. Action starts!
In October of 2015 Marlen Khutsiev turned 90. The master had no intention of retiring, he was working on his new movie. The crew were lucky to be allowed on the set of this film about the relationship of two Titans of Russian literature, Leo Tolstoy
Francesco Costabile,  Federico Savonitto
In a future April
In the 1940s the young Pasolini lives in Casarsa, the birthplace of his mother. He discovers the Friulian landscape, language and traditions of the rural world and experiences his first romances. This contact with local people prompted his politi
Alexandre O. Philippe
Memory: the origins of Alien
In 2019 Ridley Scott’s ALIEN celebrates the 40th Anniversary of its theatrical release. MEMORY reveals the chilling, untold origins of this cinematic masterpiece, rooted in Greek and Egyptian mythology, underground comics, parasitology, H.P. Lovecr
Helena Třeštíková,  Jakub Hejna
Forman vs. Forman
„I don‛t know what I‛ve discovered about myself. I‛ve discovered that I enjoy doing what I do, that I enjoy telling stories.‟ Miloš Forman the artist. Miloš Forman the man. A filmmaker decorated with Oscars for AMADEUS and ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO‛
Suhaib Gasmelbari
Talking about trees
Ibrahim, Soliman, Manar and Altayeb, filmmakers and friends for more than 45 years, idealists and intensely humane. They were reunited again, after long years of distance and exile, to bring life back to their old dream: make cinema a reality in
Petter Sommer,  Jo Vemund Svendsen
The men’s room
Every Tuesday twenty-five tattooed middle-aged men take a break from their everyday lives to meet and drink beer, tell bad jokes and sing dirty rock songs. They have landed their biggest gig ever – warming up for Black Sabbath. But one of them conf
Hye-Ryoung Park
The wandering chef
Jiho Lim, better known as the "Wandering Chef", travels the Korean peninsula, in search of the most unique ingredients, honouring Mother Nature with whom he has a very strong and personal relationship. For him, Nature is at the core of his life and

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