Russia. XXI century

Lidia Sheinin
Cast Lidia Sheinin
Maria Murashova
Gatherers of Sea Grass
Once village Rebolda on the edge of the Big Solovetsky island was inhabited. Now it comes back to life only once a year, in the summer, when brigade of seasonal workers comes here to gather sea weed for the Archangelsky weed factory. On a lo
Kirill Sakharnov,  Ksenia Sakharnova
Natalia Gorbanevskaya: “I Am Not A Hero”
On August 25, 1968 the poet Natalia Gorbanevskaya’s actions changed her life: carrying her three-month-old son, she, with seven like-minded people, protested against the Soviet-led intervention of Czechoslovakia at the Red Square in Moscow. T
Rodion Ismailov
Third-Class Travel
A documentary film which recounts the lives of passengers travelling on  the  longest railway route in the world. The director tells the stories and  fortunes of ordinary Russians met by chance on the Moscow-Vladivostok train. The e