Born in Syria

Spain, Denmark, 2016, 84 min.


Hernán Zin


Olmo Figueredo González-Quevedo


Hernán Zin, Jose F. Ortuño

Rights Holder

Java Films


Hernán Zin


La Claqueta PC, Contramedia Films, Final Cut for Real

Since the beginning of the civil war in Syria, around four million Syrians have had to abandon their country, fleeing violence. Over half of them are children. BORN IN  SYRIA narrates the journey of these refugees from the point of  view of the children who live this constant torment. They suffer the abuse of the mafias, the harshness of the sea, the uncertainty of the future with barely the shirt on their back, only to arrive at their long awaited destination and start a  new odyssey: an integration into a new land that, for many, is hostile.

2017 José María Forqué Awards (Spain) – Best Documentary Platino Iberoamerican Film Awards – Best Documentary
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Hernán Zin

Born in 1971 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Has a degree in International Relations and has spent the last 20 years travelling the world creating documentaries and writing articles and books. He has directed many documentaries, some highlights being: SLUM WORLD (2009), I WANT TO BE MESSI (2013),THE WAR AGAINST WOMEN (2013), BORN IN GAZA (2014), MATADORS (2015) and 10 YEARS WITH BEBE (2016).

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2016 Born in Syria